Medical lighting equipment should be both functional and pleasing for patients and medical professionals. DARAY’s surgical and examination lights are both customisable and energy-efficient. We sell the following lighting products:

Patient Lights

– Keep your patients comfortable with our glare-free patient lights. Our Optoma dual-zone light illuminates a room without being too harsh on the eyes. We also have adjustable bedhead lights that are perfect for reading.

Examination Lights

– Like patient lights, our examination lights are soft enough to keep both patients and medical personnel comfortable. They are also bright enough to give you and your team a clear image of what you need to examine and treat. Our examination lights’ position, brightness, and colour can be adjusted to fit your needs.

Minor Surgical Lights

– Our surgical lamps provide proper brightness while minimizing eye fatigue and heat. We offer minor surgery lights that provide enough brightness to help you carry out your operations with precision. Our models feature easy-to-use controls so you can focus on your tasks instead of your equipment. They come with light-emitting diodes (LEDs), which last up to 50,000 hours and are 75% cheaper to run than halogen lights. With perfectly-balanced arms and a great range of movement, you can adjust our lights according to your needs with ease.

Operating Theatre Light

– Some operations can easily last hours, which is why we sell surgical theatre lights that are designed to provide bright and accurate illumination without radiating much heat. Both the SL700 and SL400L are made to reduce shadows and produce actual colours that make operations as accurate and comfortable as possible.

Dental Light

– Our dental ceiling lights give you complete control when it comes to position and brightness. Our products have a range of movement and lighting intensity that you can customise according to the task at hand.

Surgical & Operating Theatre Lighting

Good surgical lighting is essential in making sure that crucial areas are illuminated properly without causing eyestrain or drastic temperature changes. DARAY sells high-quality surgical lights that provide precise illumination without radiating too much heat. Here are some of their other unique features:

  • Efficient – We use light-emitting diodes (LED) for all our surgical lighting devices, which cost 75% less to run and are more durable than halogen bulbs.
  • Easy-to-Use – Some of our products, like the SL430, feature a three-button control layout so you can quickly adjust for optimal lighting. Our larger models, such as the S700, have easy-to-use digital screens.
  • Various Options – We offer surgical lighting solutions that fit all your needs. Whether you require a compact, minor surgical light or a full-blown operating theatre light, we can provide them.