S740 Overview

  • A strong beam of light with an even intensity across the entire area for clearer viewing and reduced eye strain

  • Variable intensity and colour temperature controlled directly from the light head.

  • Endoscopy Mode for low-level lighting requirements.

  • Spring-balanced arm with excellent range of movement.

  • Costs up to 75% less to run than halogen

  • 40,000 hours of life from the LED light engine

  • No more bulbs to change - reduces waste by 95% over the light's lifetime

  • All metal chassis and light-head, hardwearing and can be fully recycled

  • No halogen, mercury, cadmium, lead or CFCs. No chemicals harmful to the environment

  • DARAY's LED technology has an intense clear white light beam equivalent to 75W halogen, whilst consuming just 30W (Figures based on 5.5 hours use per day)

The Daray S740 is the latest addition to our LED surgical lighting range. Suited for all minor procedures, and available in a range of mounting choices.

This minor surgical light boasts excellent shadow reduction via a wide array of LED's -designed to provide consistent and accurate light where it is needed. A digital control panel, located on the light head itself, offers convenient adjustment of light intensity, colour temperature and Endoscopy Mode control. A smooth, fully-enclosed light head and arm system assists with the management of infection control.

Available as wall or ceiling mounted option, or as a mobile freestanding unit.

S740 Specifications

Light source LED
Light intensity (lux) @ 1.0m 70,000 lux ±5%
Intensity adjustment range 50% - 100% (4 stage)
Colour temperature (Kelvin) 3,600 - 6,000K ±500
Colour adjustment range Variable (3 stage)
Light field diameter (D50) @ 1.0m: 214mm
Light field diameter (D10) @ 1.0m: 108mm
Power consumption 30W 0.23A
Colour rendering index (CRI) 100 ? Ra ? 85
Depth of illumination 950mm
Warranty period 3 years
Average working life >40,000 hours

S740 Order Codes & Pricing

Wall Mount

DARAY S740 Wall Mounted LED Minor Surgical Light

Ceiling Mount

DARAY S740 Ceiling Mounted LED Minor Surgical Light

Mobile Mount

DARAY S740 Mobile LED Minor Surgical Light

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