SL700 Overview

  • Streamlined, ultra-thin enclosed head with reduced air resistance to minimise contamination
  • Low 'total cost of ownership'
  • 4,000 to 5,000K variable colour temperature
  • Flat, pressure injection moulded light panel making it a robust lighting solution
  • Digital controlled light intensity with 10 grades of brightness and automatic memory for added flexibility
  • Built in power supply systems avoiding complicated installation of wall mounted control box
  • Auxiliary light source included for laparoscopic operations
  • LED light-source with up to 40,000 hours of light
  • Rigid suspension arm with easy mobility and stable positioning
  • 360° arm rotation
  • No infrared or ultraviolet radiation

Utilising the most advanced LED technology available, the SL700 range of operating theatre lights have been designed to provide a high quality, shadowless beam with extremely low running costs.

The new, slim, fully enclosed head with colour touchscreen digital controls is a perfect LED lighting solution complementing all surgical rooms.

LEDs (light emitting diodes) have been around for a long time. Recently this technology has become leading-edge in the field of lighting - a breakthrough technological solution to the inherent problems of the incandescent light bulb.

We have taken the technology and developed it further to provide high definition lighting solutions with no infrared, low environmental impact, high brightness, low power consumption, no toxic chemicals and a long operating life.

SL700 LED HD camera system

The new SL700 HD camera system features:

  • 3.3 Mega Pixel Quality with Fantastic 20x Optical Enlargement
  • 1080p/1080i Resolution with a high contrast ratio of 800:01:00
  • Multiple signal outputs including HDMI and DVI

Included in this system is a superb visual display that can be attached as an independent pendulum arm in the ceiling mount version.

Designed for the medical environment the display hosts a good viewing angle and a hard wearing aluminium and magnesium alloy casing. Combined with the resistance based touch screen this display can be used and adjusted as necessary during any operation.

About Daray

DARAY products are designed for Medical, Dental and Veterinary markets and currently supply a wide range of equipment to the NHS. DARAY lights are often the first choice in 'new build' hospitals and medical centres throughout the UK.

Established in 1968, the DARAY brand is well-known in the UK and internationally. Our product range includes; operating theatre lights, surgical lights, examination lights, X-ray viewers, head-lights and bed-head lights and we have recently developed a new range of LED lighting products, designed to assist in the reduction of carbon emissions.

SL700 Specifications

Colour Colour Temperature 3,600 to 5,500K
Light Light Intensity SL750 - 120,000 lux
Light Intensity SL770 - 160,000 lux
Light Patch 120 to 240mm
LED Power SL750 - 45W
LED Power SL770 - 60W
LED Life 40,000 hours
Number of LEDs SL750 - 45
Number of LEDs SL770 - 60
Focusing Depth SL750 - 1000mm
Focusing Depth SL770 - 1000mm
Other CRI >95
R9 95
Power Power Supply 220V 50Hz

SL700 Medical Approvals/Certificates

The product(s) in the SL700L Range adhere to the following standards in line with the 93/42/EEC Medical Devices Directive - Class 1
2014/35/EU Low Voltage Directive
EN 9001:2015
EN 13485:2016
EN 14971:2012
EN 1041:2008+A1:2013
EN 15223-1:2016
EN 60601-1:2006+A12:2014
EN 60601-2-41:2009+A1:2015
EN 60601-1-2:2015

SL700 Order Codes & Pricing

Ceiling Mount

SL700 LED Ceiling Mount Operating Theatre Light (Single Head 500mm) - 120,000 Lux

SL700 LED Ceiling Mount Operating Theatre Light (Single Head 700mm) - 160,000 Lux

DARAY SL700 LED Ceiling Mount Operating Theatre Light (Dual Head 500mm/700mm) - 120,000 Lux/160,000 Lux

SL700 LED Ceiling Mount Operating Theatre Light (Dual Head 500mm/500mm) - 120,000 Lux/120,000 Lux

SL700 LED Ceiling Mount Operating Theatre Light (Dual Head 700mm/700mm) - 160,000 Lux/160,000 Lux

Mobile Mount

SL700 LED Mobile Operating Theatre Light (Single Head 500mm) - 120,000 Lux


Other bespoke options available for greater ceiling heights - Please call to discuss

SL700 Accessories

Auto focus option per head

3 hours per light head

Camera options please call as special order only

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SL700 Brochures

SL700 Manuals


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