SL730 Overview

  • The use of multiple LED's provides a high, and even light intensity throughout the entire viewing area to reduce eye strain
  • A concise and self-explanatory 5 button control system on the lighthead itself
  • Balanced arms for one touch adjustment and a great range of movement.
  • Ideal for minor surgery and gynaecological procedures
  • Removable, Autoclavable Handle
  • Variable light intensity
  • Colour temperature adjustable from 3,600K - 5,500K (3 stages)
  • Costs up to 75% less to run than halogen
  • 50,000 hours of life from the LED light engine
  • No more bulbs to change - reduces waste by 95% over the light’s lifetime
  • Metal arm system, hardwearing and can be fully recycled
  • No halogen, mercury, cadmium, lead or CFCs. No chemicals harmful to the environment.

The SL730 is an invaluable and cost effective tool. It has been specifically designed for minor procedures under local anaesthetic in health centres, GP surgeries and outpatient departments.

Ideal for minor surgery, maxillofacial, obstetrics, diagnostics and gynaecology. Also suitable for use within casualty departments and intensive care units. The added feature of variable colour temperature allows the user to comfortably adjust the colour to suit the procedure.

This model is designed to provide consistent, accurate light where it's needed, along with great shadow reduction and accurate colour rendering.

About Daray

DARAY products are designed for Medical, Dental and Veterinary markets and currently supply a wide range of equipment to the NHS. DARAY lights are often the first choice in 'new build' hospitals and medical centres throughout the UK.

Established in 1968, the DARAY brand is well-known in the UK and internationally. Our product range includes; operating theatre lights, surgical lights, examination lights, X-ray viewers, head-lights and bed-head lights and we have recently developed a new range of LED lighting products, designed to assist in the reduction of carbon emissions.

SL730 Specifications

Colour Colour Temperature (variable) 3,600 - 5,500K
Colour Rendering Index (CRI) >93
Light Light Intensity @ 1.0m 125,000 Lux
Light Intensity @ 0.75m 175,000 Lux
Light Field Diameter (d50) 100-250mm
Depth of Illumination 800mm
Light Intensity Adjustment Range 10% - 100%
Radiated UV energy with wavelength less than 400nm (w/m2): <0.002
Power Input Rating: 110-240V 50/60Hz
Power 70W
LED Power: 1W x 20
Average Working Life >50,000 Hours

SL730 Medical Approvals/Certificates

The product(s) in the SL730 Range adhere to the following standards in line with the 93/42/EEC Medical Devices Directive - Class 1
2014/35/EU Low Voltage Directive
EN 9001:2015
EN 13485:2016
EN 14971:2012
EN 1041:2008+A1:2013
EN 60601-1-2:2015
EN 60601-1:2006+A12:2014
EN 60601-2-41:2009+A1:2015

SL730 Order Codes & Pricing

Ceiling Mount

DARAY SL730 LED ceiling mounted minor surgery light

DARAY SL730 LED double-arm ceiling mounted minor surgery light (special order)
special order

Mobile Mount

DARAY SL730 LED mobile mounted minor surgery light

Wall Mount

DARAY SL730 LED wall mounted minor surgery light

SL730 Accessories

Spare Autoclavable Handle for SL Series

Battery back-up
Special Order

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